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Outages, Detours, and Closures

Academic Oval Road Closure

Screenshot of BYUH campus from Google Maps with orange overlay over construction area on campus with the words "BYUH Cafeteria Construction Area Closed until 2021" Around the lower side of orange construction area are two lines with arrows showing detour routes: one purple showing the new walking path with the words "pedestrian walking path" next to the line, and the other line is green showing the route cars will be forced to take due to the road closure, this has the words "traffic detour route" below it. The map also has various pinpoints and icons with corresponding location names as shown on the Google Maps view of the BYU–Hawaii campus.

The next phase of BYU–Hawaii’s cafeteria construction project begins Monday. As a result, a section of the Academic Oval will be closed from Hale 1 to the CAC (marked in orange on the map). That section of the road will close Friday, January 10, 2020, at 5:30 pm and will remain closed until Fall 2021. Pedestrians can use the walking route marked in purple. Vehicles will be detoured back to Mikionele Way (marked in green on the map).

Mahalo for your patience as we begin this historic season of building at BYU–Hawaii.