Completed Projects


Math & Computer Classrooms

Three portable classrooms were installed across the street from Heber J. Grant Building and behind the Joseph F. Smith Library. These will serve as temporary Math & Computer Classrooms/Labs during the construction of the new Science & Math Building. In addition to these buildings, awnings will be constructed over each doorway in the near future.


3 Portables

Aerial View of the 3 Portables


Pool Remodel

The newly remodeled pool opened on Friday, September 7, 2018. Eric Conrad, Vice President for Operations is to be congratulated for providing the vision and securing funding to accomplish the work. Under his direction, the pool has been beautifully updated with a tile surface and an upgraded filtering and mechanical system. The campus and community will enjoy this unique resource which will provide years of quality service. 


Aerial View of the Swimming Pool Under Construction

Aerial View of the Swimming Pool Under Construction

Closer shot of the Swimming Pool Under Construction

Completed Swimming Pool


McKay Auditorium Improvements

The McKay Auditorium has received significant improvements this summer and is now complete. Those who come to this space will find beautifully upgraded seating, new carpet, and fresh paint. We all look forward to the talent that will be displayed in this important learning and Sabbath worship space. Thank you for your patience during these extensive improvements.


New Satellite Dish

A new satellite dish has been installed on campus. The two older satellite dishes were removed at the end of August 2018.

Hale Courtyard

The Hale Courtyard provides outdoor activity and a central gathering area to the dormitory students. This project was completed in March of 2018.

Off-Campus University Housing

A total of 6 duplexes were completed in 2018.

Construction Site, Building a Duplex

Multiple Duplexes Under Construction

Duplexes on Moana Street