What is being built and why?

Two (2) married student apartment buildings: These will help with the large waiting list of married students who desire to live on campus.

Seven (7) single student dormitories: The current dorms are over 50 years old and need to be replaced.

One (1) single student apartment building: This will also replace some of the current dorms and provide an apartment-style living option for students living on campus. 

Multi-use building: This 41,000 square-foot building will (1) house one of the on-campus stakes, (2) provide a variety of classroom and office space for academic and ecclesiastical meetings, and (3) will be home to the business management, hospitality and tourism management, and accounting departments.

When will the Temple View Apartment (TVA) buildings be finished?
Students moved in June 2013. 

When will the new hales be finished?
Students moved into the hales September 2013.

When will the Heber J. Grant building be finished?
The building dedication was held September 8, 2013.

Will this construction affect agricultural space in the area?
No. All buildings are being constructed within our State Land Use District Boundary, Urban zone.

Who are the BYU – Hawaii construction representatives?
Norm Black is the Vice President of Construction and Facilities Management.
Bob Tippetts is the Director of Construction.
If you have questions regarding construction, the best way to have them answered is to use the “Ask a Question” feature at the top of this page.