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Completed Projects

Naniloa Loop Improvements

Naniloa Loop is Complete!

Naniloa Loop comes from the bottom left and intersects with Kulanui St at the top left corner of the photo. BYUH campus is on the right-hand side and local houses are on the left-hand side of the loop.

There is an issue with the existing storm drain layout on the north access road of TVA and NHK. Okland will need to close the road for two to three days starting Monday morning to correct the issue and install the new curb inlet. They will have to dig all the way across the road making it a full closure. This will mean all tenants living in the north part of TVA and NHK will have to enter through the main campus entrance and drive through campus to access their homes. This was an unforeseen issue.

New Fencing and Sidewalk

The project will improve the streetscape of Naniloa Loop on the BYUH side as well as extend the low white fence that fronts the University. The improvements will also upgrade the pedestrian frontage and provide a bike lane to improve connectivity.

The goal is to provide a clear physical and aesthetic connection between BYUH and the Laie Hawaii Temple that will also represent the connection these two institutions have in purpose and mission.

Construction will begin at the end of June and will take approximately nine months to complete.