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Completed Projects

Fitness Studio

The front view of the Fitness Studio has three big windows and two glass doors. The doors look closer to the right-hand side of the photo. The outside design of Fitness Studio is complete.

October 19, 2020 Update

September 28, 2020 Update

September 14, 2020 Update

July 20, 2020 Update

A construction worker is adding vestibule framing to Fitness Studio. The framing has three big windows in the front and two doors on both sides.

July 6, 2020 Update

June 29, 2020 Update

June 25, 2020 Update

June 8, 2020 Update

May 25, 2020 Update

The existing Weight Room is too small to serve the current campus community. In an attempt to provide additional fitness areas, the racquetball courts will be transformed into a new workout space. Two of the three courts will be remodeled to receive new fitness equipment and the third court will be transformed into a fitness classroom. Besides these internal changes, additional exterior space will also be created to meet student needs. The building will also receive necessary structural upgrades and new air conditioning.

April 2020 Update

March 2020 Update