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Current Projects

Banyan Dining Hall

August 8, 2021 Update

August 1, 2021 Update

July 28, 2021 Update

July 19, 2021 Update

A view of the conduit, which runs the length of the photo from bottom to top. The McKay Building and construction fence are on the left, while the Dining Facility is on the right of the conduit.

July 14, 2021 Update

July 7, 2021 Update

July 1, 2021 Update

June 21, 2021 Update

June 16, 2021 Update

June 10, 2021 Update

June 1, 2021 Update

May 25, 2021 Update

May 20, 2021 Update

May 13, 2021 Update

May 7, 2021 Update

May 3, 2021 Update

April 20, 2021 Update

April 12, 2021 Update

April 9, 2021 Update

April 1, 2021 Update

March 23, 2021 Update

March 15, 2021 Update

March 10, 2021 Update

March 3, 2021 Update

February 25, 2021 Update

February 18, 2021 Update

February 11, 2021 Update

February 4, 2021 Update

February 3, 2021 Update

January 26, 2021 Update

January 19, 2021 Update

January 12, 2021 Update

January 3, 2021 Update

December 15, 2020 Update

December 8, 2020 Update

November 29, 2020 Update

November 22, 2020 Update

November 16, 2020 Update

November 9, 2020 Update

November 3, 2020 Update

October 18, 2020 Update

October 11, 2020 Update

October 4, 2020 Update

September 22, 2020 Update

September 17, 2020 Update

A heavy crane is in the middle of the cafeteria construction. Piles of beams are under the crane. McKay Building is on the left-hand sie and the Academic Oval is on the right-hand side of the photo.

September 9, 2020 Update

September 2, 2020 Update

Sidewalk Closure at McKay Gym

The sidewalk will be closed in front of McKay Gym on Tuesday, August 18 for 2 weeks in order for the contractor to install a waterline.

A map of sidewalk closure at McKay Gym. The area between the McKay Gymnasium & Pool (GYM) and Academic Oval is highlighted as Construction Area. The pool is at the top and the Oval is at the bottom of the photo.

August 3, 2020 Update

July 27, 2020 Update

July 20, 2020 Update

July 6, 2020 Update

June 29, 2020 Update

June 8, 2020 Update

A New Cafeteria (CAF) Video Release

May 2020 Update

April 2020 Update

A crane will be utilized starting April 11th at the project site to install a grease interceptor. Delivery of the crane will be on April 4 and a trailer will be parked in the front parking lot starting that day until approximately one week later on April 18.

A satellite map of the BYU–Hawaii campus marking the area between the Cafeteria and the Tennis Courts as the and the project site. Also, an area in the Main Parking Lot near the Naniloa Loop wall is marked as the parked trailer.
Overall view of the Cafeteria construction area. The site photo is marked on the left to point out hydrants. A fitness center, student dorms, and mountains can be seen beyond the construction area.

March 2020 Update:

  • The cafeteria construction site has removed a part of the sidewalk near the McKay Pool in order to access electrical box and communication wiring for the project.
  • Please walk closer to the building and around blocked off construction area as shown by the arrow.
  • Sidewalk will be reinstalled on Friday, March 13.
  • Please be cautious when walking on the plywood provided to keep the area from becoming muddy.
A satellite map of the Cafeteria area and McKay Gym on BYU-Hawaii campus. It includes the old cafeteria building on the top, McKay building on the left-hand side, Hale 1 student dorm on the bottom left, and the tennis court on the below right of the image. An arch-shaped road separating the old cafeteria building and the McKay building from the others. The area between the old cafeteria building and road and the area between the road and the tennis court is marked as a temporary construction area. The road in between the temporary construction areas and a small path between the tennis court and the temporary construction area near the tennis court are marked as no pedestrian zone.

Jacobsen Construction has prepared sites for demolition and construction for the new cafeteria. During this process, safety is the top priority. Please be aware these sites are temporary. There is no pedestrian traffic along with the Academic Oval by the construction site. Pedestrians are asked to use the walkway by the tennis courts between the McKay Gymnasium & Pool to Hale 1.

A narrow path between tennis court and construction black fences.

February 2020 Update:

January 2020 Update:

Picture shows that half of the cafeteria building is being demolished while the other half will remain functional. Sidewalks that we removed are awaiting transport to crushing area.

  • Demolition permit has been issued
  • Interior demolition has begun on a portion of the building
  • Sidewalks have been removed
  • Concrete from sidewalks will be crushed and used as structural fill in New Science Building
  • Completion is expected 3rd quarter of 2021

December 2019 Update:

The design is complete for the new cafeteria project. Phased demolition is projected to start in Fall 2019 to prepare for new construction to follow. The project is scheduled to be completed at the end of 2021.