McKay and GCB Ceiling Replacement

On Saturday June 13th 2015 the contractor will set up and start demolition. This work involves the removal and replacement of the stucco ceiling in the exterior hallway outside of MCK 104, 108 & 110 as well as the exterior hallway outside of MCK 185, 191 & 195. This construction is scheduled to be completed by this July 31st 2015. GCB classrooms 182, 184, 185 and 188 ceilings will also be removed and replaced during this time period. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this construction may cause, and are thankful for your patience. Please exercise great caution as you may travel near these projects. These projects are necessary to maintain and upkeep our campus. If you have any questions you may contact Bill Casey at Facilities Management at 675-3410 or