Outages, Detours, & Closures



  Dates   Areas to be closed & Details
August 12 to September 27, 2019 Dreamscapes Landscaping LLC will be doing some landscaping work on two areas on campus - The hill on the right side as you enter the Shumway Gate and all around the Heber J. Grant Building. For your safety, please be careful and pay attention to signs as you approach these areas. For more information, please contact Facilities Management at 808-675-3400.
July 8, 2019 to September 2019 The bathrooms in the Aloha Center next to the Mail Center will be closed for renovation.
*Do not enter these areas, as access will be limited to the construction crews and employees coordinating the projects. Avoiding these areas will aid in returning these areas to full operation quickly. For any inquiries, contact scheduling at 675-3784.


Construction Update

Demolition is underway on the Na Hale Kumu Townhouse just north of the Temple View Apartments (TVA). We ask all students and other pedestrians to refrain from walking next to the construction fences in the Townhouse area. There is the possibility of debris into contact with the fence, along with the safety concern of pedestrians on the road. Please detour appropriately. 


Na Hale Kumu Townhouses



ACS Office Temporarily Relocated to the CAC

The Alumni & Career Services (ACS) office has been temporarily relocated to the Cannon Activities Center (CAC) due to construction associated with the building the new cafeteria. It is located in the former athletics offices - the ground-level corner suite nearest to the McKay Gymnasium & Pool. It will remain there for 1-3 years until a more suitable long-term location becomes available after this season of campus renovation. The Alumni & Career Services Studio remains in the Aloha Center for now. 



General Classroom Building

Please use the new crosswalk by the General Classroom Building (GCB) and Hale 2 for your convenience and safety. Okland Construction has informed us that no pedestrians should walk along the new fencing at the GCB for safety reasons. During the demolition and construction process, large equipment will be operating nearby. Crosswalks have been painted at both ends of the GCB construction site. For safety reasons, all pedestrian traffic will be on the opposite side of the GCB construction area. Please watch out for traffic and equipment coming onto campus during this large scale construction phase.


GCB New Crosswalk

GCB fencing along GCB




Jacobsen Construction prepared sites for demolition and construction of the new cafeteria. During this process, the safety of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors is our top priority. Please be aware that the area of these sites is temporary. As the process of construction continues, the size of the construction sites will expand in the area for everyone's safety. There will be no pedestrian traffic along the Academic Oval by the construction site. Pedestrians are asked to use the walkway by the tennis courts between the McKay Gymnasium & Pool to Hale 1.


Cafeteria construction small

Sidewalk by Tennis courts